Wednesday, March 21, 2007

angst past, new house still the Right Thing

plum blossoms
now that the well-timed bout of food-poisoning is past, my angst and doubt over the new house appears to have evaporated as well. the new house is so pretty inside, and it's starting to fill up with our stuff, which makes it feel more like Our House. the hippie's been saying that it has felt for the past month like we have been painting someone else's house. i think we are both pretty ready to move in and stake our claim. i wish i could lay claim to this lovely plum tree as well--it's in our neighbor's yard, but the yards are so small that this translates to--right beside our driveway. these blossoms are so lovely--they lift the spirit.


Laura said...

This is one time I can say "thank goodness bloglines was messing up" because I would have been full of worry for you after reading the previous post!!

It's hard to leave a place you love. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow--that tree has bloomed fast!! I don't remember there being any blossoms on it when I was there a few weeks ago.


sgeddes said...

The tree is lovely! If it isn't yours you don't have to trim it or clean up the branches after a storm! (there is always a silver lining!)

I vote buy the fun cake pan - it makes regualt cupcakes even more fun!