Tuesday, March 20, 2007

new pretties for the house

two posts in one day--y'all try not to have a heart attack, now...

chemia dining set
because the hippie and i haven't spent any money in a while--oh wait... since you can never spend too much money when you are buying a new house, the hippie and i bought a new dining room table and chairs last night. this is the chemia dining room set from world market, and it's AWESOME. very sturdy and pretty. my friend jenn has this same table, and she sent me a link when it went on sale--now i have it, too! it was just too good of a deal to pass up. it's going to be SO NICE to be able to use things like place mats and table runners and stuff without having to keep the table 100% covered all the time. i am sure THK is going to take one look and go--new yarn table! (and it's true...)

i also caved and bought the media stand from crate and barrel that i have been lusting after. i went and looked at it, made sure that the doors pop out so i can clean them, and then laid some bucks down on the table so the shiny new tv has a place to put its feet. i am not even going to START talking about the appliances! not to mention the retardedly expensive toilet paper holder i bought. maybe buying a house makes you crazy.

does anyone know when pottery barn puts their upholstery on sale?


Laura said...

With the lozenge finials and mirror bright finish I just don't know how you could resist that toilet paper holder. :)

sgeddes said...

Looks like you are making some great additions to your new home.

gray la gran said...

holy crap! is that an inappropriate thing to say about a toilet paper holder ?!
ps. you so got my number ... i already left a comment about the table over @ flickr ;)