Wednesday, March 21, 2007


it's warm out, and i step onto the front porch and inhale the scents of this old neighborhood. i walk into the bathroom where the window is open, and it reminds me so much of my grandmother's house when i was a child that i want to cry. and i wonder, are we making a mistake? i love the new house, but is it as US as this old rickety place has been? call it late night packing melancholy, call it hormones, or call it whatever you like. for all my overall excitement, tonight i am filled with doubt. it probably doesn't help that i have been sick since about 8:30pm. but whatever. not having a good night. glad the hippie's not home to see it.

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gray la gran said...

are you CRAZY woman?!!!
it's a beautiful house! it's yours! and it takes all your stuff and bodies and kitties to make it a home. oh, and when the first drink is spilled, or glass broken, or flowers blossom, it's yours. and, that's super cool!