Thursday, March 29, 2007

unpacking, etc.

ah, moving. not my favorite. i am exhausted and getting ready to head over to our old apartment to (hopefully) finish cleaning out the basement and staging everything for its impending transfer to a) good will, b) the new house, or c) the boneyard. meanwhile, i am listing stuff to sell on craigs list, because who in the hell has time for a yard sale? the landlord's being a cock himself, and not returning my phone calls about the money he owes me in deposits and ceiling fans. and well--i am just pretty well ready to be done with this mess and focus on the new house.

unpacking the booze
that said, the new house IS progressing along, even if it's slower than i would like. the bedroom is passable, although only half unpacked. the living room is set up, even if all the books are in boxes. the dining room is functional. the guest room and computer room are about half way there, and the kitchen--well, the kitchen is a work in progress. i have managed to unpack the booze, the barware, and the tea. i have also cleaned up the wreck i made out of everything while frantially searching for spoons the other night. and we're, you know, eating and drinking and all that. in fact, someone already spilled a drink in the new house--a whole glass of red wine! she shouldn't feel TOO bad though, since the hippie created a beer tsunami just a couple of days later in the dining room floor. oh the tragedy of alcohol abuse that's been afoot!

yarntini, paparazzi shot
our friends have been just awesome through this whole thing. we had MANY people helping is move the heavy things last saturday, one of whom even drove down from maryland with a truckload of ikea bookshelves for the hippie. our friend amy has worked on the house about as much as we have--she's been involved in the painting, the cleaning, the packing, the unpacking, the putting together of furniture, the replacing of light fixtures, etc. we definitely owe her a stripper or something. maybe a new car. and THK has been great company while i have been unpacking. she shows up with her knitting and just hangs out with me while i sort through things and put things away that no one can really help with. it reminds me of the glorious college moments when there was always a girlfriend handy to read trashy magazines and paint her toenails while you cleaned and re-organized your dorm room or procrastinated your term paper. i love that! by the way, that's a picture from the lunch break she and the hippie nad i took on sunday at XIOS, a great little greek place near the new house. it was WAY too perfect outside to work the whole day with no chill-breaks! that's her yarntini yarn in the cosmopolitan colorway next to her neon martini--an excellent combination.

anyway--i am clearly babbling, so it must be time to go. *sigh* y'all wish me luck with the nasty moldy basement...


gray la gran said...

OMG! i'm the trashy girlfriend !!! but, no harm meant ;)
i'm not so sorry i spilled the wine, but i am so sorry i missed the hippie tsunami. ps ... i broke no glass !
oh, chak-a-khan, i do wish i could had been more helpful than a fixture ... but, we all have our moments, and i suppose mine was to *entertain*.
no worries ... i'm sure there will be more moments to document. and ...
i know something you don't know !

jackie said...

no no! you are not TRASHY in any way. no no! i mean this as an extreme compliment. i LOVE having company while i am doing this kind of stuff--it makes it go so fast and it's so much more fun that doing it all alone! PLEASE don't be offended! i heart you, girl. you know this!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm only slightly offended that braving cat induced asthma to help you pack doesn't rank high enough to make the blog!