Wednesday, June 15, 2005


the winter before last, i took the pruners to these two enormous bushes beside our front porch. no one had trimmed them at all in at least ten years, and they were not only tangled together, but they were also ugly, leggy, and taller than the house. so i decided to cut them way way back to see what happened--if they didn't make it, i would just pull them out and put something new in. against all advice, i cut them back to about 1/6 of their original heights, shaped them up, and waited. (i also pulled my back in the process and could hardly walk for 2 months, but that is another story. let's just say i should have either gotten a better tool (read: chainsaw) or some help (read: hippie), but i am stubborn and was determined to do it myself (read: moron). but anyway...) so that spring, they leafed out a little, but looked crappy, and i thought they would not make it. but i am a hopeful person, so i just left them alone--this spring, i didn't even trim them.

well--last night i was watering all the outside plants (which took like 40 minutes!), and i kept getting these faint whiffs of gardenia. and i was like--WHERE is that coming from? i followed the smell, and lo and behold--my gardenia is blooming! and not just a little--it is full and bushy and COVERED in beautiful, sweet-smelling blossoms! it is still in need of a little shaping, and it is still all entangled with the other bush, which is also blooming. but man--it was such an unexpected treat! i cut one and brought it into the house, and now my whole kitchen smells like gardenias. yay for blossoms! :)


Meredith said...

I'm so jealous! I love the smell of gardenias. I wish I had some growing near my house. Luckily the tree with the little white flowers that smell like rotting meat has stopped blooming outside my office building. That made for an unpleasant walk to work in the morning.

Flaurella said...

Know exactly what you mean. Love gardenias but here in Florida, all of ours have dropped, turned bown or shriveled. You and I think alike. Check this pic:

I enjoy your blog!
Flaurella ~