Thursday, June 16, 2005

yarn sale!

my LYS had a GREAT sale a couple of weeks ago, and check out my haul! all of this yarn was about a hundred bucks, and covers at least ten christmas presents--excellent! i bought some stuff for which i have plans, some i don't have a clue what i will do with, and a lot of high quality orphan singles to use for small projects (a one skein wonder, perhaps?) and/or trimming. it's kind of silly how excited i get over new craft supplies--makes me feel like an actual real knitter.

meanwhile, this picture of scout was too amusing and too typical of cats not to share. i finished knitting this blue, soon-to-be-felted bag, laid it out on the couch, turned my back for all of two seconds, and scout immediately turned it into a temporary cat bed. what is it with cats and the need to be on the new thing, whatever that may be? maybe it is as the hippie says, and all cats are Bad Cats. good thing they are so cute, even when they are being bad. :)


Emily said...

J--My mom has a chocolate brown cat who immediately plunks herself down onto any item left on "her" bed in the guest room. The bedspread is off-white; toss down any item of clothing or fabric which is even a shade darker and she's all over it. My mom, a biologist by training, thinks this behavior may occur because deep in their never-fully-domesticated brains, they're trying to camouflage themselves. I've always liked this idea because I'm so charmed by the vestiges of their wild ancestry that I see in my own cats. And hey, who knows what unseen dangers are lurking in that guest room?

Meredith said...

Can't wait to see how the felted bag tunrs out! You'll have to post a picture. :)