Thursday, June 23, 2005

hippie's last day

today was the hippie's last day at the company where we met and where both of us work. worked. well--I still work there. anyway...

he is going to work for his previous employer and will finally get back to doing work he loves, which is terribly exciting. plus this new place is only 5 miles from the current one, which means i can still see him for lunch. yay! the sad part is that we have been commuting together, and now we really won't be able to. plus, it has been kind of nice having him so close by during the day, even if we don't really hang out much at work. still--these are small sacrafices to make for having him in a position where he is going to be so much happier. and hopefully this will mean the end of the 100+ hour work weeks he has been faced with for the past few months--personally, i am tired of those! and whatever else happens, he now has two blissful weeks of unemployment ahead with a job waiting on the other side: bliss. and he gets to start it off with a game weekend with his boys, so double and tripple yay for the hippie!

love you hippie! congratulations!

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