Thursday, June 30, 2005

pink martini

last weekend my girlfriends aimee and karen came to town to hang out. conveniently, this coincided with one of jason's game weekends up in pittsburgh, so we had the run of things all by ourselves.

aimee and karen stayed in this lovely B&B in our neighborhood--it was GORGEOUS, and they were both very pleased with it. i was pleased to finally be able to go inside this house--i have been dying to look inside it since we moved into the hood. and they were kind enough to let me come for breakfast on sunday--that was really nice.

pretty much, we ate, we shopped, we ate, we drank, and when we were done, we took some advil and then ate.

saturday night, we went to an outdoor symphony featuring pink martini, this FABULOUS orchestra from oregon. they are this fusion of classical, latin, swing, caberet, and torch style music. it was really really cool. (both of their CDs are on their website in their entirety--definitely worth checking out if you feel like listening to a little music.) luckily my friend tina from work was there and had a table with extra seats--she totally saved us!!! we had lawn seats, and we went at a normal pre-concert time thinking that would be fine--little did we know that people apparently show up in the early afternoon to stake out their spots on the lawn. it was PACKED! so--thank goodness for tina who called me to offer up her table for us to share. it was AWESOME--we ate cheese, drank wine, and everyone made fun of me for bringing real dishes and cloth napkins. what can i say? i like a special occasion to be special.

i took karen and aimee to my favorite restaurants and bars around town, and that was all good. unfortunately, we are apparently not too old to be hit on by morons in bars. while we were talking among ourselves, sipping pink martinis and smoking cigars, a couple of STUPID guys utterly intruded upon us! they would not leave no matter how mean we were, and they were generally doing their best leech impersonations for half the night. they made fun of where we went to school--we made fun of their cheap wattered-down scotch. when we finally got rid of them, we walked back to my house and sat up half the night on the porch talking and drinking vanilla almond martinis made by yours truly. MUCH better!

all in all, a great but exhausting weekend. makes me wish more of my girlfriends lived closer. *sigh*


Flaurella said...

Love "Pink Martini," perfect music for dinner parties! In fact, headed to a martini party this eve. You know me -- I love the toonies! How about the recipe for almond martinis, please?

Always enjoy your blog. Happy Independence Day!

Anonymous said...


I think you should share some of your recipes for martinis and excellent food pairing suggestions as well! Also what was your bar name again?

Love, Phyllis