Tuesday, June 14, 2005

rant: wolf camera

one of my goals for saturday (in addition to cleaning the world) was to get prints made of some pictures from the beach from a couple of years ago. they are specific pictures, long planned for this extremely cool frame from pottery barn that the hippie gave me for christmas. so i put the pictures on the SD card in my fabulous phone, and i take it with me on a target run so i can make prints there. but NOOOOOOO! target is upgrading their photo equipment and i am DENIED!

so. we get home, walk up to the local wolf camera, go over to the digital photo printing kiosk, put the card in, pick the images i want to print, and click "print." seems simple enough, right? then i take the receipt up to the guy at the counter, but the register isn't working. in fact, NONE of the registers are working. so we wait while they reboot their system. then the guy takes the receipt, and prints out a different receipt and hands it to me. and i am like--but where are the prints? and he is all, "these will be ready at 6." so, i am wondering WHY he can't walk to the back and get them out of the printer--i mean, they ARE digital media and not actual film to be developed, and i did click "print," which you would THINK would PRINT the pictures--but whatever--we leave. at 6:15, we come back. they are CLOSED. they closed AT SIX. so i ask you--what the fuck? and are they open on sunday??? NOOOO! so yeah. i STILL don't have pictures for my frame. i guess i will try to make it there before they close today. anyway--this is my second bad experience at wolf camera, which appears to be run by morons and provide bad, but very expensive service. ugh!

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