Monday, June 13, 2005

slow day at the office

after the last two work weeks being absolutely full throttle, today is actually kind of boring. i have a few things to do, but nothing earth-shattering. my bosses are at a conference in a different time zone, all tied up in meetings and out of touch with me--thus, i have little to do. i am just keeping on top of things and trying not to mourn the fact that i am not home knitting. adding to the boredom, the sam has deserted me to go home to her 'rents this week, leaving me without the running YM conversation that keeps me going throughout the day. *sigh*

all that said, once i make it through the long afternoon ahead, i have something fabulous to look forward to! our friend mary is flying in tonight! YAY! she is just one of the most awesome people on the planet, and i LOVE it when she comes to stay. her birthday was last week, so we are taking her out to frazier's tonight to celebrate. whoo hoo!

this weekend, we ran about 9M errands, and i FINALLY found the time to clean the beejezus out of the house. i finished the massive overhaul and re-org of all the bookshelves, and believe me--this is no small undertaking at our house. it took all my evenings for a solid week! we bought a new shelf for the DVDs, so even those are organized. (alphabetizing! my favorite!*) even the tufts of cat hair blowing all over the place are minimized.

odd how much some cleaning can lift my spirits. i have been a little stressed lately, and i tend to nest when stressed out. there is actually a lot going on, but i am not at liberty to discuss it on the internet yet. it's all out of my control, so i think i have just been focussing on the things i CAN control--i.e., the house. i have not even had time to knit as i have been cleaning everything in the world instead.

man, i am boring today! maybe i should have called this post, "slow day on the blog." i promise to get back to normal and to come up with something more interesting to talk about in the very near future.
*not really...


Stephanie said...

I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading it very much! And now you have quick dinner recipes ... totally awesome.
I noticed you're reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I bought that myself and read it a couple of months ago because it was advertised as a "Harry Potter/Jane Austen" type book (both are favorites of mine) and I thought it would be a good read. How's it going for you so far?

jackie said...

hey stephanie! welcome to the blog, such as it is. :)

so far i like js&mn pretty well--the dry british humor and tongue-in-cheek footnoting of the "historical facts" is VERY amusing to me. i really love the language of it. however, i feel like, to get really into it, i need a big long chunk of time to sit down and read, and i never seem to have that--as a result, it is taking me FOREVER to get through it! also, i admit i got a bit distracted by assassination vacation--i only have 3 more pages to go in that book, and then i will be back to js&mn.

Stephanie said...

I love British humor, and thought the comedy of manners very amusing. I liked the footnotes at first, but sometimes they tended to take over. Especially towards the end of the book. I have not heard of Assassination Vacation. I'll have to go check that out.

Thanks for welcoming me to the blog. I'm enjoying it very much!

Good luck with your "other" blog and weight loss effort. I've got about the same vital stats.