Monday, September 18, 2006


i saw the COOLEST THING over on flaurella's blog: a cruizin cooler. i am just dying for an excuse to get one of these. i sent the link to it out to the email list of my physics friends with whom we go to the beach every year--the subject line of the email was "do we need one of these for the beach?" and my friend jeff, in true fabulous-jeff fashion, sent the following response:
I would say that we do, but I think we ought to build our own with a higher top speed, much bigger tires, greater cargo capacity, and somewhere to mount a couple of umbrellas so they won't blow away. Possibly we could start with a riding mower or a used Volkswagen as a platform.

Or maybe a surplus hovercraft.
it is clear that i have truly awesome friends. thanks, flaurella, for finding this jewel. :)

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Amy M-W said...

Absolutely one is needed - it would be the absolute best for SNOOTY TAILGATING. We would have to make it with a tow hitch though, so we could attach little red wagons and bring in the chairs, umbrellas, other food coolers and of course the original snooty tailgate must have item - the teak table in a bag. I'm picturing something like the kiddie train they they set up in the mall without a track.