Friday, September 08, 2006

takin' it easy

i have gotten where i don't like writing a blog post with no pictures in it, even if i have something to say. we had yet another weekend away last weekend, and i haven't said anything about it yet because i haven't had time to clean up the pictures. and i have been too tired this week to think my way clearly thoguth a blog post, if you want to know the truth. tired, kind of bummed out (probably from being tired), and feeling broke and generally blah. i am so glad we are about to have a big fat weekend of NOTHING. i want no plans and nowhere to be and no social engagements. i just want to be HOME. but of course, you know me--can't do that without goals. here's what i want to do this weekend:
  • finish adam's baby sweater, weave in ends on the baby hat i made for the hippie's friend, finish the straps for the current felted bag
  • plan healthy meals for the coming week, go to the grocery store, do some food prep and cooking ahead
  • go for a hike or walk or do something active and fun
  • clean out my desk
  • read
that's it, and for me, that's a really short list. we are actually going to be in town for the next many weekends, so i don't feel like there's a tremendous pressure on me to get stuff done. i am going to go slow this weekend. i'll get around to those pictures when i get around to them.

1 comment:

Laura said...

How's that "things to do on a relaxing weekend" list coming along?

If you don't have the travel pictures "cleaned up", how about a WIP photo of the knitting? :)