Thursday, September 14, 2006

just some cuteness

samson at 5 weeks

samson at 5 years, a big beautiful boy
today i was just thinking about my kitties, and i thought i would share some cuteness with you. i have very few pictures of the boys as kittens, and the quality on this picture of samson is certainly not fabulous, but still--how cute was he? he was only 5 weeks old when he was rescued and brought to me, and i have no idea how i would have resisted him even if i hadn't been looking for a kitten, which i was. (i needed to get some company for my older cat, scout.) samson's brother, fergus is just as cute, but there's something more still and contemplative about samson that makes him far less difficult to photograph. he's just the sweetest animal i have ever had in my care. he's a hoss, weighing in today at 18.5 pounds, but he has this tiny meow like he's the cat-child of mike tyson or something. samson and fergus have been with me 5 years now, and i still thing they are some of the best cats on the planet. pets are truly a source of joy!

and in other news, tonight i will be spending the evening with gabriella so that her mom and dad can go out for jenn's birthday. yay for some quality time with the sqeaker! and happy birthday, jenn!

and in still other news, my knitting lunch today was cancelled! this fills me with sadness as it's a cool rainy day here and PERFECT for some knitting. pesky job getting in the way of my desire to be home making things... *grumble*

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