Tuesday, September 19, 2006

party party party!

this weekend we hosted a surprise birthday party for our friend jenn who just turned forty (she looks WAY younger!), which was totally fun! we did it up casual--just a big cookout with lots of her friends and their bajillion kids. there were SO MANY KIDS in our yard! i love having people over and getting to cook, especially when my cupcakes come out this cute. i made jenn a birthday cake as well, but these coucakes were my favorite. i just had to share the cuteness! anyway--it was a great party and made for a very pleasant sunday afternoon. at the end of it all, the hippie spent half he evening snuggled on the couch with gabriella reading books to her, once again taunting my biological clock. when she left, he said he thought she was designed specifically to rip out his soul. lol.

by the way, i didn't take ANY other pictures--i was too busy running around the whole time!

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