Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i've got a fever, dammit

i need to go to the yarn store, but i honestly don't feel well enough to do it. you know that's bad... this begs the question: WHY do i have the immune system of a premature kitten? blah. i'm going home early to lie down instead of going out to buy some fabulous new yarn.

by the way, you know all that stuff over in my sidebar about what i am reading and knitting and stuff? it's all lies. i need to update that shit.


Laura said...

Aww I'm sorry you don't feel well. Too sick to visit the yarn shop? That's sick. SICK!!!

As for the question in your previous post - socks. You need to knit some socks. For yourself. Don't you? Do you knit socks? I need to know this so I can finalize my YARN selection for you! :)

allegra918 said...

Hey Jackie, I hope you feel better soon. Although you are sick, your sense of humor is still hilarious!

gray la gran said...

oh sh*t! i'm sorry you're not feeling well. you must really feel like sh*t to NOT go to the yarnstore.
i felt awful on sunday, and barely touched my knitting needles for 5 minutes.
get better, and let me know if you need anything :)

Anonymous said...

i understand - i have felt like $#* for the past 2 days - we were in disney with the whole family, and i probably caught something there - the good news is, i didn't feel badly until the day we were leaving to come back home, so it didn't ruin vacation. the bad news is i have a little baby to take care of and her schedule doesn't change whether i'm feeling well or not! hope you are feeling better! kimmie

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to visit the yarn shop is a definate under the weather symptom. Poor you! I hope you feel better soon.

Ari (Baking and Books)