Monday, October 02, 2006

random mix

so last week was clearly not the week for blog posting. i spent the bulk of my time tired and cranky and achey without every REALLY getting sick. you know what i mean--that sick where you don't feel badly enough to stop doing stuff, but you don't feel well enough to keep doing stuff either. and you just push on through and try to get shit done when all you wanna do is sleep. anyway--the ick seems to be passing, finally.

so yeah--not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. i bought some cotton and started making a washcloth--not that interesting i admit, but i am enjoying playing with different stitch patterns. oddly enough i find that i don't really leave the house with the washcloths i am making--they are strictly a couch project. i am not sure whether this is because they aren't interesting enough to show off or if i am just reserving them for home b/c they are mindless enough to knit while watching grey's anatomy (which, by the way, is ALL i want to watch). i have been making headway on the swatchy bit as well, and i still love it! BUT. i also started something new. socks. this hippie's going to make some, too. i am actually terrified of socks, but i bought some toothpicks needles, some yarn, and a pattern, and spent some quality time knitting swatches this weekend. what i learned is that i am a really tight knitter, at least when i am working on tiny tiny needles. today i will be returning the needles and getting some slightly bigger ones so that i have a prayer in hell of getting the right gauge for my socks. details when there's something other than a swatch to show for my efforts...

let's see--what else is going on...

some friends of ours had a baby this weekend. a new little girl, bringing their child total up to three. as always, this is bittersweet for me. happy for them, and also jealous. i am still hoping for one of my own someday, although time is starting to run out. *sigh*

also, we went to another concert this weekend, this one with many many bands: black stone cherry, hinder, crossfade, breaking benjamin, three days grace, and staind. all of them were good, but breaking benjamin stood out above the pack--the lead singer just has such a great voice and a talent for song-writing. definitely see these guys live if you get a chance. however, be prepared for a youth-of-america overload if you do. these bands are young, and so are the bulk of their fans--the girl who was sitting beside me had ditched work and snuck out of her house to come to the concert. she was eighteen, and she was very, very jealous of my shoes.


gray la gran said...

so, how tight are you? i'm sure lucy neatby would be proud of you! she believes in knitting the socks bulletproof :)
let me know if you need any sock assistance, i will be back in town at the end of the week.
ps. does the hippie know about your ticking clock?

jackie said...

how tight? i started on 1's and got about 2 stitches too many per inch for the pattern's gauge. then i went to 1.5's and was still a little over a stitch too many. so i went to 2's and i am just slightly over now. and considering that my size is falling on the low end of the larger size, i think i am ok for fit. i guess we'll see. now the hippie, he's going to need like 4's or something--that boy's knitting could be used for kevlar.

and yes--he's well aware of the clock. it's an endless series of negotiations. :)