Thursday, October 19, 2006

what's in your knitting bag?

i am heading over to my friend jenn's after work for some grey's anatomy and knitting, so this morning, i packed up my knitting bag with much difficulty trying to decide what i wanted to work on the most. i ended up with a VERY full bag! i came to work and hung it on the handle of my office door, as always. but for some reason, it's drawing a lot of attention today . people keep coming by to admire it. it IS rather packed with goodies! it's got a felted bag project in there, a half-finished sock, yarn for the second one and a whole other pair all neatly contained in my new sock pouch, the hippie's bunny rabbit ('cause i HAVE to show that thing off!), some noro silk garden i need to swatch up, and my needle case, which is itself filled with fabulousness. and well--you know, the bag itself was quite an accomplisment for me when i made it. (i am obviously making good use of it!) all in all--this makes me kind of proud of my progress as a knitter. it also makes me realize that the tools of this trade are themselves little works of art, which just makes the whole process of knitting even more enjoyable. so yeah. fess up, knitters--what's in your bag? i'm genuinely curious!

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