Friday, October 27, 2006

post or die!

i've decided to join national blog posting month, which means that for the month of november, i am committing to writing at least one blog post per day. this will not be easy for me given my insanely overcommitted daily schedule, but hey--since when have you guys known that to stop my ass from committing to yet another thing? i think it will be interesting to see what i come up with. i have a lot of opinions (shocker), and i knit a lot (shocked again, aren't ya), so i think i'll be alright for material. however, let me just go ahead and pre-apologize for those days when my posts are mind-numbing to some/all of you! i figure, if all else fails, there's always this. (the book, not the shirt , perverts!)


Anonymous said...

I still think you should get the shirt too; that was my favorite picture on that web site, bar none. :D -TC

gray la gran said...

wow! a post a day?! you are a brave woman ... with a lot to say :)
i guess i wouldn't participate because i really like posting pictures, and i would end up posting all of my bad photos just because i had to post :)
more power to you! i can't wait to read a little bit every day in november!!!
we'll have to get together more so there's more to talk about ;)

Flaurella said...

I vowed a post a day for the first year of my blog. (well, not Sat and Sun but M - F) and I did it! It was an exercise in patience, fortitude and creativity. You can do this!

Main reason I wrote is to let you know about this pattern. I can see these becoming a hit!

needs one in orange and one in blue and one in pink and one in fuzzy silver yarn! (LMK what you think of these!)

Miss Kristin said...

probably won't officially sign up BUT I was truly inspired and went on a blog-a-thon over the weekend. i forget how much i enjoy writing my drivel until i get back into it....i want to commit to writing more often MAYBE EVEN once a day. :0)

Kristin said...

sorry about that "miss kristin" crap...i entered the wrong blogger identity and ended up w/ the one from my class blog....duh!