Tuesday, October 24, 2006

yarnful goodness

purl scarf, yarn

ella's hoodie, started
this past weekend i rode the train up to washington DC to see my friend karen (more on the trip later--promise!) who i have not seen in quite some time. there are worse things than 6 hours of knitting in two directions, time with a friend, patriotic stuff, and good food for a weekend! karen, a non-knitter, even tolerated the yarn lust from both me and her friend jan who joined us for brunch and a jaunt to stitch dc, which i think shows great fortitude and tolerance. as you know, it's rude to leave a new yarn store emty-handed, so i came away with 2 skeins of this beautiful purple manos del uraguay and 2 different colored skeins of kidsilk haze with which i will make myself a fabulous purl scarf (from last minute knitted gifts). i have long loved the texture of that scarf, but have never touched the manos in person until now--i admit i was chicken-shit to order it over the web, sight-unseen. wool can be so--well--wooly. anyway, it's AWESOME--very squishy! meanwhile, i also got some needles so i could start the (christmas?) hoodie for my friend's daughter, ella, with my wonderful noro silk garden. this picture is my train progress plus today's lunch--not too shabby. i really like the blending between colors and the pace at which they are changing. hopefully this will be cute on little ella and not oddly sized--i am hitting a couple of discrepancies in the pattern and am (somewhat dangerously) winging it! cross your fingers for me! oh, and if you haven't seen it, go look at this. (stephanie pearl-mcphee, you are amazing!)

i'll give the skinny on the rest of the trip tomorrow when i am not utterly fried. tuesdays suck.


allegra918 said...

I love the Noro colorway! That hoodie will be awesome! And congrats on the Manos, it's divine, isn't it?

Jan Poston Day said...

Jackie - I had so much fun with you and Karen and exploring Capitol Hill including Jimmy T's Diner, Eastern Market and most of all StitchDC! Karen's strength to stand up to the many attempts by knitters to convert her to our knitterly cult was astounding. Her patience to wait for us as we explored every nook and cranny of the shop, hemmed and hawed about purchases, and debated the qualities of various yarns was amazing. Let me know when you're back in town and we can explore Knit Happens (VA) and Yarns International (MD).