Monday, October 16, 2006

knitterly things

sock progress
hi y'all. it was a good weekend--i got enough stuff done on saturday that i was able to dedicate yet another sunday to knitting and cooking. i was joined yet again by the haphazzard knitter (THK in case y'all don't remember from last week) who is SO CLOSE to finishing her central park hoodie--she's an inspiration! so, in between making buckwheat pancakes and sausage for breakfast, butternut squash soup for lunches this week, and some simple pasta for dinner, i managed to knit another two lace repeats on my sock. i figure that i can show it now that there's enough to see something. so far, so good, but then--i'm not to the hard part yet...

new sock pouch
and check this out!!! i bought a new knitting pouch in which to carry my sock in progress! this was made by my bloggy friend jo over at misocrafty. i've been after her for a while to make one of thse to sell to me, and she finally did! she started selling them at pure knits, and i pounced on this one, the last in my favorite color! yay! i do wish I had a little grommet on the end, but i think i can add that myself. anyway--yay for jo for the business maneuver. alas, they are sold out now, so all y'all can do is drool on mine for now. poor y'all. oh, and a word about pure knits--they rock! my sock pouch was well packaged and wrapped (it looked like this), and it came with a handwritten note and a bit of beautiful yarn. i'll definitely order from there again!

moving right along, i am also about half way through another felted bag. man, these are fast after you have made a few of them! i think this must be about the 15th one i have made, and i still get excited about the handles when i get going on them. yesterday, i learned from THK that this is a double i-cord--who knew. anyway--i will soon get to start on the second handle, and then i can get trucking on the novelty yarn part at the top--yay! it's safe to post pics of this one, since the recipient doesn't read blogs. and yeah--still going on the dream swatch too. and making wash cloths for the nieces. let me break this down for ya--the bag is the truly mindless background project i can pick up and put down at will, the wash cloths are for watching TV on my own couch, the dream swatch lives in my purse and is getting a few rows per knitting lunch at work (or when i can't face the sock), and the socks take CONCENTRATION, and so are saved for Sunday Knitting or Night-Off Knitting. doesn't everyone do this? the hippie seems to think i have too many projects going...

the hippie's bunny
speaking of whom--check out this bunny! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this, the hippie's third project of all time. he started with the men's cashmere scarf from last minute knitted gifts (for which he used a whopping 5 skeins of forbidden cashmere!), and then he started this bunny from weekend knitting, which was abandoned for a long time due to lack of hours to give him. to get back in the swing of things, the hippie whipped out a seed stich wash cloth, and then went full bore back to bunnytown. between last sunday and this one, he finished! check out this concentration. and more importantly, check out this tail! the pattern calls for no tail, but THK and i agreed that an angora bobble was in order. and a scarf. love.

caroline, all bundled up
and last, but definitely not least, this is miss caroline, my friend kimmie's baby girl. i had the pleasure of meeting her at last on friday--we lunched, we shopped--and she is nothing but a little bundle of smiles and curiosity. she was all bundled up in her cute fleece hat and the pink fluffy baby blanket i made for her. i tell you, it warmed my heart like nothing has since i went to see alyce to find baby adam similarly bundled. i love to see my knitting in use!


Meredith said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I have knitting weekend envy right now.

One of these Saturdays, you're going to hear a knock on the door and it will be me, knitting (& Claritin) in hand, ready to chill on your sofa for 48 hours. :)

jackie said...

meredith, i live for the day!

Flaurella said...

Oh, I must be so very dense.

The sock thingie. Is that to carry your knitting in or to shape and weight your knitting on?

I just don't get it. Please tell me what you use it for. Why does it need a grommet? Where for should thou be, Grommet?

How does one usually carry their knitting and why do we need to carry it? Back when I used to knit and crochet, I kept a basket by the sofa and I would watch TV and knit or crochet. The basket held my yarns and needles and if I was fortunate enough to have it, a K1 - P2 pattern or such. My projects wouldn't fit into such a compact carrier and now I am so confused. How big is that knitterly thang o'yours??

Enquiring minds and all...

gray la gran said...

i love the bunny! i love the bunnybutt ! and love how my sock is turning out !


thanks for another great sunday!

jackie said...

flaurella--you are not dense! the pouch is for carrying the sock in progress and the sock yarn IN. it's just big enough to hold two skeins of sock yarn (two socks worth) and all the needles and stuff you need to knit socks with. the grommet would be cool because you could run the sock yarn through the hole before you cast on, and then the ball of yarn could stay inside the pouch while you knit--very convenient when knitting on trains or in places where the ball of yarn could roll away. also--as for the carrying aspect--i knit EVERYWHERE: cafes, home, traveling, at work, etc. socks are nice and portable. :)

jackie said...

give it up, gray--that is NOT your sock. YOU are the one always telling me to knit something for me! lol. these sundays of ours are a great treat--i am as grateful for them as you are. :)

ps--you aren't gettin' that bunny either!