Monday, October 09, 2006

look what i got!

so--you see that little ball of yarn at the top of this picture? (trendsetter charm, by the way) that ball of yarn is why i went to the yarn store. it's the yarn i actually needed for the felted bag i casted on yesterday. sure, i HAVE other yarn at home that would work, but who wants that yarn when there's something NEW to try?! but then they had that fiery little ball of joy i just HAD to buy to go with the red red wool i have at home. and well--the shipment of koigu sock yarn is running out, and what if i need to make more socks??! so you know--i picked some out. now, here's the bonus--i went to check out only to discover that i had filled my frequent buyer card (which is simultaneously horrifying and a total delight), so i got $25 off my purchase!!! yay!

AND, it cleared up and the sun came out. it's a good day.


gray la gran said...

yeah! stash enhancement! you're right about the koigu ... i don't think you'll be seeing it locally for a loooong time.

Laura said...

Pretty Koigu! And wow - $25 off your purchase! That's a reason to celebrate and buy more yarn! hehe