Wednesday, October 04, 2006


i joined socktoberfest, like so many other knitters i know. i AM making my first pair of socks ever. seemed appropriate. and you know, im a joiner...

not that i have had any real time to devote to my socks. i HAVE knitted about 20 swatches, and have finally started them. so far, i have one round. does that even count as started? guess what's on my weekend agenda?


allegra918 said...

YAY! Socks!!! Have fun, once you get past round 3 (are you using DPNs?) they're easy peasy. And addictive!!!

gray la gran said...

:) previous poster is right about socks! glad you've officially joined the ranks! i can't wait to see your progress :)
i started the anna socks, but am thinking that the gauge is a little loose ... hmmm .... that's okay, because we all know i don't stay focused very long and woke up this morning dreaming of the central park hoodie from knitscene.