Saturday, October 28, 2006

i can control the weather

it's autumn, and it finally feels like it. it's been cold and rainy and kind of blah for a week, but the leaves are turning and it's gettin' pretty outside. the hippie's away for the weekend, so--in fear of freezing--i washed my brand new flannel sheets and put their warm, soft, lavender-smelling butts on the bed last night--it was divine. however, all this cold-weather preparation on my part has caused a 70-degree sunny saturday. it's BEAUTIFUL outside, and i have all the windows open in spite of the fact that i and all the weather forecasters in the area were expecting a cold overcast day. now, i KNOW if i go take my now-too-hot sheets off the bed, it will just get cold and icky again. however, if i go ahead and make stew (my original plan), it will probably be 90 degrees tomorrow. what's a girl to do?

the light was so nice this morning that i went out and took a bunch of pictures of the leaves in my yard--i added them to my yard set on flickr if you feel like checking them out.


Anonymous said...

COLD! HA!HA!HA! had my flannel sheets on for a month now:)love~pseudo-mom

Jonathon said...

I love this time of year. It finally, FINALLY feels like fall down in Texas. Hooray for the end of summer! Just in time for Halloween.