Wednesday, September 20, 2006

something new

dream swatch, yarn

dream swatch, started
i know, i know--i have a ton of projects going on right now. but still--don't you ever just HAVE to start a new one anyway? especially when there's a pile of dishes to wash and work to do? and last night, as i was unloading my laptop to prepare for my late night conference call, i came across this little pattern i printed out a long time ago--the dream swatch, a little one-skein freebie from over at the garter belt, designed by one of my favorite knitting bloggers, wendy. and see--i have this one little skein of noro sakura (part of my knitter's tea swap package sent to me by the wonderful allegra) that was just calling out to me to be knitted into something. and well--you see what happened. the minute that conference call ended, i blew off everything, wound up my yarn, and started knitting. i cant say i'm sorry. this yarn is NOT a joy to work with, but man, it sure is pretty! i love all the colors! this little swatchy, scarfy bit is going to knit up quickly and make me happy every step of the way. :)

oh, and in other knitting news, my friend amy, who came to my house for her fist knitting lesson last week and who i sent home with yarn, a book, and some needles, has already finished her first scarf and even managed to put fringe on it! go amy!


gray la gran said...

knitter rule #1: never apologize for knitting !

allegra918 said...

Great idea for the Noro Sakura!!! I might do the same with my skein!

Laura said...

Oh wow - beautiful yarn - lovely scarfy idea!

And those cupcakes are THE. CUTEST. I said Oh CUTE! and Emeline heard me and said COOT COOT! heheh I might have to make some of those with the little pumpkins on top - just adorable. :)