Thursday, August 05, 2004

newsy babble

had kind of a rough day yesterday. my hippie is in california at a meeting--a meeting i would almost certainly be attending were it not for the fact that that company laid me off last november. and i have to say--i have been jealous. and angry. and lonely. all week. and no--i don't miss working there at all! i have been much happier since i lost that job actually. but i DO miss the people and the interaction and the social aspects of that job. and all the people i miss are gathered in one place for the whole week. and i want to be there too--schmoozing, staying in the nice hotels, drinking the fabulous drinks, passing notes in the boring meetings, and yes, even staying up half the night ranting about the company! but hey--it is a trade-off right?

so to get out of my stupid, partially hormone induced funk, i went to the stained glass store. love being in there--they have so many cool little things that are just inspirational to me. i have been working on a design for the hippie to do this fall, and now i am working on some things for me, too! some friends actually want to hire me to make an enormous panel for them, so i have been working on some rough sketches for it. hate trying to determine how much to charge people, however. i never feel like i am justified asking for what i know a piece is worth, even though i know they are still getting a huge discount having me do it rather than a professional custom glass person. i am in such a state with this job search that i wonder about everything i like to do--could i make a living doing this? stained glass is certainly high on my list of things i like doing right now, so who knows...

in other artistic endeavors ( i always have about 50 things going!), i am taking a knitting class tonight with a friend, and i can't believe how excited by it i am. it is SO old school. but then, so is the quilting thing. and the stained glass for that matter. heh--like i keep telling the hippie--i really am just a farm wife at heart. except for the actual farming part--screw that!

fabulous friends from california are arriving today. always wonderful to see them--how i wish they would move home already!!! but like everyone else, they are constrained by the job market. i look for jobs for him almost as much as i look for myself! they are having a baby in the fall, so the drive to get them home is stronger than ever, and not even just for selfish reasons! :)

i would give just about anything to get my friends all in one place! oh well--at least this way i have an excuse to travel.

and speaking of travel, i have made some little getaway plans for me and the hippie. our birthdays are so close together, it just made sense to do something together this year instead of trying for the elaborate presents we can't really afford anyway. so--we are going to the beach to stay in a little B&B with a claw footed bathtub, the cedars. and we have reservations at our favorite restaurant in the state, Stardust, with our favorite waitress there, Darla, and we will hopefully get to do a little sailing as well. very excited!

and now that i have procrastinated as long as humanly possible, i will go do some work on my workroom--really want to get my own little space set up so that i have a place to draw. but, oh the work to get it set up...

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