Tuesday, August 24, 2004


ok. i was going to post something yesterday on my actual birthday, but instead there was a bout of food poisoning. i spent the afternoon on the couch, not on the computer. until the ups guy woke me up pounding on the door with the strength of ten men, but i digress...

so i am thirty-five.

i don't FEEL thirty-five. well, sometimes i do. but for the most part i just feel a little cheated that this much of my life is over already. i want more. MORE! there are too many things i want to do, and now i feel like maybe i won't fit it all in. hmmm--i guess the coming years will show me how much i can do under a little more pressure.

BUT, all that said, i feel pretty good about my life. here is a list of 25 things i feel i have accomplished. i have learned to:
  1. make biscuits (more on this later)
  2. knit (finally!)
  3. cook like my grandmother
  4. cook NOT remotely like my grandmother
  5. solve partial differential equations by more than one method
  6. write html
  7. say some big words correctly
  8. take care of a child
  9. paint a room
  10. paint a portrait
  11. make a stained glass window
  12. dream big dreams
  13. keep hope in bad circumstances
  14. love a man
  15. live with a man
  16. create a home
  17. make people feel welcome
  18. make friends
  19. keep friends
  20. learn a new software package in a week or less
  21. accept myself
  22. find the hamiltonian
  23. design a fabric
  24. make a quilt
  25. appreciate my life
i feel pretty good about that stuff. especially the biscuits.

and just for completeness, here is a list of 10 things i want to do before i am forty:
  1. get in and stay in good shape
  2. gain financial stability
  3. buy a house
  4. juggle all the things i love to do withut giving anything up
  5. find a way to make a living that involves BOTH sides of my brain
  6. spend some time in europe
  7. have a real studio, with room for all my artistic endeavors
  8. paint a large canvas picture of the surface of the sun
  9. master the art of fried chicken (it's coming along)
  10. improve my pastry skills
so there you go. thirty-five. so far, i think the mid-thirties are a lot easier than the mid-twenties. but maybe that's just me.

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