Saturday, August 07, 2004

some stuff i found while cleaning

yes--i have finally stopped procrastinating and am cleaning out the last room in this apartment that needs to be totally overhauled. the bad thing is that this room has been the catch-all for EVERYTHING since we moved in. and god is a lot of it CRAP! for example, WHY do we have all these bags of bags here??? are we releasing the rednecks within us both in this one tiny room in the house? this shit has GOT to stop! i am trying really hard to stop being such a packrat--throwing things away like crazy.

but dude--i am KEEPING that morgan freeman can.

anyway--here is some shit i found while cleaning today:

things i hate about airports
(in no particular order)

1) TVs--loud, always on
2) HUGE # of people
3) lines
4) overpriced bad food
6) lack of electrical outlets
7) never a clock when you need one
8) carrying all my shit everywhere
9) obnoxious airline people
10) too much perfume--tne it DOWN people!!!
11) unwashed passengers

some quotes written on random pieces of paper:
  • certain organic chemicals of value to me are bound up in your body. kindly die and rot. --jeff freeman 02-23-2001
  • he was using a method of distraction as a fixer-upper for a lack of personal responsibility. (no idea who said that)
  • one must have chaos within oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. --nietzsche
what you really need to get through some serious cleaning is a girlfriend to park near you with a pile of magazines to make rude comments and hang out with you while you do your thang. snaps to my friend sam for talking to me on the phone through a lot of the madness even though she could not be here in person...

i know sam is a true friend because i can call her "dumbass" and she doesn't get mad.

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