Monday, August 16, 2004

steve the sleuth

sadly, our romantic weekend getaway was squashed by all the hurricane madness attacking the north carolina beaches. *sigh* no worries--we will reschedule it! but, some clandestine activities on the part of our friend steve were revealed as a result of the cancellation. apparently, he read my previous post, called around, found the number for stardust, where we were planning to have dinner, and called them to pay for our meal as a birthday surprise. how cool is THAT??? steve is bona fide awesome. that is all there is to it.

so saturday, as i sat knitting on the couch while the hippie smoked a ceegar on the porch, steve called me to find out why we were not at the beach. i explained of course. he noted that hurricanes don't hit phoenix very often. i concurred. and he sent us to sullivan's for a birthday dinner on his tab. let me repeat: steve is awesome.

so we go to dinner, and dinner is great, as it always is at sullivan's. the waiter, however, is a patronizing ass, who neglected to ask the two important questions: 1) "have you been here before?" and 2) "are you celebrating anything special?" he explained every single tiny piece of the menu to us, the ordering process, the sizes of the sides, the sauces we could get on our steaks, the way the meat would be cooked, etc., etc., etc.. wanted to slap him. still kinda want to slap him. oh well--my steak was absolutely fabulous. i will remember it fondly on the actual day of my birthday. :)

thanks, steve!

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Anonymous said...

Jackie, you rock! :) Thanks for making my day a little more entertaining. You should write more of these!