Wednesday, November 10, 2004


haven't been much in the mood for writing this past week. had the nasty headache, had a little cold, was a little bummed out. yadda yadda yadda. but i am feeling physically better (just in time for more PMS), and that always makes for mentally better, too. plus the sun has been shining for a few days, and that helps, too. i figure it's time to get my shit back together and update some blog.

what have i been doing, you ask, to occupy myself through this most recent funk?

i have been knitting.

i am surprised at how into this knitting thing i have gotten. even when i was sick on the couch this weekend, knitting was something i could do. i can fit a scarf into my purse to take with me anywhere. last week, jenn and i went to give blood, then out to dinner, then for coffee. we knitted at the red cross, waiting to be seated at outback, and over tea at starbucks--it was a totally pleasant evening. i took my knitting with me when we went out with the puryears and grant last weekend, and ended up knitting on maggie's couch while we chatted.

i knit in the evenings when i am done with work and the hippie is running, i knit before bed, i knit while the hippie is working at home, so i can still hang out with him. i was talking to a woman who has been knitting for about three years, and she told me that she is never without her knitting, and man, i can believe it. it is just so portable and easy. you can talk while you do it. and there is something to show for it at the end of the day. it doesn't require a lot of equipment, and it can be done almost anywhere. you can even take bamboo knitting needles onto a plane with you. this is a good hobby.

tonight the knitting group is coming over to our house for the first time--i admit i am a little intimidated. the houses of the other women in this group have so far been well done masterpieces of decor and money and style, and i fear i will not measure up. but then again, people always seem to be comfortable in our space as a general rule, and i honestly love our little house. so hey--they can deal with the fact that the entryway is still pink and kelly green and that i haven't quite gotten all the plants properly positioned inside for the winter. oh well. maybe i will get that hippie to build us a little fire, because who doesn't love a fire when it's cold outside? and hey--i am Southern--if i can't make people feel at home in my home, then my mother did something terribly wrong.

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