Friday, November 19, 2004

porch cat

this morning i got up early to make stuffing for the thanksgiving potluck lunch at work, and so my routine was all off. i petted the cats, washed some dishes, fed the birds and squirrels, talked to emily, ate breakfast, had a leisurely cup of tea, and even did a little laundry--it was GREAT. i need to get up early more often.


i walked into the living room with my tea just in time to see the bulk of the birds and squirrels scatter as the porch cat leisurely sauntered his way into the yard. one squirrel remained, peacefully eating dried corn and peanuts from the dish on the porch. the porch cat spotted him almost immediately, and hunched down into full-on tiger stalk position. he stalked the squirrel all the way across the yard, wiggling his butt in that way that young cats do. and he ALMOST got him, too! he pounced and the squirrel bolted up a tree and the porch cat raced up the tree as fast as he could go and JUST MISSED! it was all very national geographic on the porch this morning.

so of course, i went out to see the porch cat, to feed and pet him. we played with a stick and he fell all over my feet, and he scarfed down some kitten chow (yes, he has his own food now), and he pounced on some leaves in then yard, and he is so cute. he purrs so loud.


his name is "twig" in my head.

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