Wednesday, November 03, 2004

not that guy again!!

ok, i am not a political person. i am not even registered to vote, which i know makes me irresponsible and negates anything i have to say about politics. and usually i just keep my mouth shut... but this time, i just have to say something. bush again??? you have GOT to be kidding me people! WHAT has he done that warrants entrusting him with the next four years? not that i am all pro-kerry or something, but i AM pro-not-bush. i just find it hard to see how anyone can look at the past four years and not want some kind of change. the saddest part is that there is no one clear candidate to rally the country, and there has not been in many years of presidential elections. who do you support when your choice comes down to deciding who is the lesser of the two evils? that is not much of a choice at all--it's just a sad state of affairs. the grey drizzly rain suits my mood about this whole thing.

does this mean we have to make strategery a real word now?

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