Tuesday, November 02, 2004

this pain in my head...

it just won't go away!

i have had a headache off and on for 2 days--woke up with it at about 2 am monday morning, and it persists. stess? a change in the weather? god only knows. i am pretty tired of it though--it is making me whiney and overwhelmed and sleep deprived. i think i have slept maybe 7 hours combined in the last two days. *whine*

in other, non headache related news, it WAS a good weekend. the boyz all seemed to have a good time, and the hippie was filled with funk and sadness to see them go. there was four-wheeling, gaming, eating, drinking, hooters, and ceegar smoking to be had. the weather was nice, so most of the gaming happened outside on the porch. very good. emily and i had a fabulous girl day in the meantime. i also managed to have dinner with jenn, spend some time with my friend maggie, and finish my scarf. on sunday i went alone and got myself a pedicure. very good. good weekends have one big disadvantage though--they make the work week harder. the headache is not helping.

did i mention that i had a headache?

i apparently also have a new cat. Porch Cat. a sweet, extremely friendly little grey and white kitty who is about 4 months old and sorely in need of a good home. he has taken up residence on the porch, much to the dismay of some very chubby squirrels, who have had free reign of the critter food for perhaps too long. with three cats already in the house, i can't exactly bring him in, but man--i want to. hate to see an animal in need. so we are feeding him of course. and i am shopping him around to see if i can find him a good, permanent arrangement. at the very least i know i am going to end up taking him to the vet and have him seen to for vaccines and the removal of his ability to make more kitties in need. cross your fingers for me that i can find him a family.

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