Wednesday, November 17, 2004

strange week alone

the house feels weird and empty without the hippie in it. he is in california all week, working hard and not sleeping. it's just strange without him. i am not really cooking at all--very out of character for me. and god, i have slept like a dead thing this week. it's not helping--i am still tired. i thought i would have a week filled with down time. i thought i would get a lot done. hasn't really happened, but that's alright. i am not really in the mood to put a lot of pressure on myself.

i have been surprisingly busy for a woman on her own--it seems that people come out of the woodwork to entertain you when your man is out of town.

i had dinner with the grossmanns last night, a good but strange indian meal in a restaurant that is both ice cream parlor and indian fast food joint. it was the first time since i was about 25 that i had an entire meal where i recognized nothing i was eating. it was all good--that much i know. and it was great to see the family--i have not seen them since going back to work, which is just a travesty.

after dinner i went over to emily's house for an elf viewing. for those of you who have not seen elf--it is surprisingly slow. i think it sucked the souls out of both me and emily. when i saw her at lunch today, however, she seemed to have recovered.

tonight my knitting class was cancelled, so i went to the movies with sonya and roger instead. we saw the polar express. let me tell you--i have now had my quota of pre-thanksgiving christmas cheer. ENOUGH! no more till after thanksgiving. i mean it! but i digress... the movie was pretty good--i think chris van allsburg can be proud that his illustrations have inspired such an epic. and roger was hilarious--unable to contain his 4 year old excitement, whispering loudly to me everything that was about to happen seconds before it did. luckily i have read the book, so there were no huge surprises ruined for me. roger was also about TO DIE from having to pee at the end of the movie, but there was NO WAY he was going to admit it and miss the very end--i have never seen such squirming or heard such denial! kids are hilarious. (no worries--he made it!)

tomorrow i will be babysitting for emily (NOTE: happy anniversary emily and todd!) and attending a late night conference call while making stuffing for the thanksgiving potluck lunch at work on friday. i am tired just thinking about that stuffing. thanksgiving is next week? are you serious??!

even the porch cat has been extra supportive this week--he has come running to meet me at the car door when i got home, just to be petted, on two separate occasions. tonight i think i was too late for him--he was already gone out on his rounds.

friday will wrap up my week alone by hanging out with jennifer. we will eat and knit and talk. gabriella will be cute and talk a lot and chew up jennifer's knitting nedles and make me laugh, not necessarily in that order.

and all this is good, but i still miss my hippie. living for saturday morning when he comes home.

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