Friday, November 12, 2004

rant: doctor's offices

is anything more stressful than dealing with doctors? maybe dealing with travel agents? i don't know--that's a close call. i have been dealing today with a doctor's office, where the woman at the front desk ALWAYS pulls the wrong chart for me, and where the doctor seems to think i am lying about the state of my own health. my blood pressure shoots through the roof every time i walk in their door, because i get PISSED OFF, not because my BP meds aren't working. and i have called them 5 times in the last two days, because no one i need is ever available when i call, and no one returns my calls. this should not be so difficult. further, i am sick of monitoring my stupid BP, which is FINE. yesterday i waited 45 minutes at a completely different doctor's office just to have them take a BP reading. 45 minutes. and it took less than one minute to take it. the fool at the front desk had just forgotten to put me on the nurse's list. maybe it's not the fault of the doctors as much as it is the fault of the front desk people who ALL seems to be as dumb as so many boxes of rocks. UGH!!!

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