Tuesday, November 23, 2004


it's the time of year again where i make pies. today i was scheduled to make two of them for my family for thanksgiving. perhaps it was a bit ambitious of me to think i could make it to the grocery store to get the pie stuff and make two pies in one night after work while doing laundry and trying to get ready to be gone for 3 days. hmmm...

it took three grocery stores before i found any butter or heavy whipping cream.

so now it is midnight and i am one pie down, one to go. i admit that the first one (the pumpkin) would have gone much faster if i could have restrained myself from martha-stewart-ing* it up. but--um--no. i tried not to do it, but i couldn't help myself. i had a compulsion to cut out the little fancy shapes with the tiny cookie cutters to make a little pattern in the crust around the edges. i am not sure what is wrong with me. luckily the apple pie is SUPPOSED to be rustic, so it will go much faster when i make it. tomorrow night. at my mother's house.

let's hear it for doing things at the last minute!
* yes, i did just use martha-stewart as a verb.

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