Friday, April 21, 2006

this is julian. a couple of nights ago, we came home and he came running up to us on the street. he had a collar, so we checked it and called the number on it, but alas--the number was old. the guy who answered was like--who? so--we lured the cute and agressively affectionate kitty into our entryway, where he ravenously devoured an entire bowl of food. we set him up with food, water, toys, a blanket, and litter and proceeded to try to find his family. i sent email to our neighborhood email list and registered him as a found animal with the spca and the wake county animal shelters. then we went to bed. in the morning, one of my neighbors had responded to my email--she had used google to find out the person who used to have the phone number on julian's tag, then cross-referenced it with some raleigh websites and gave me a lead. i googled the person in raleigh and found a reference to her at artspace, a local artists' collective. so i call, and this woman used to work there. she's been gone for 2 years. however, the woman who answered turned out to be her friend, so she offered to call the woman for me. 10 minutes later i get a call that goes like this:

"hi. this is steve."
"um...hi, steve."
"uh...i think you have my cat."

after much back and forth in similar fashion, with many ummm's and uhh's, i learned that steve is the ex-husband of the woman whose old number is on julian's tag, and he just moved in three houses down the street from us. he lets the cats run around outside. i mentioned the ravenous eating, and he goes--"yeah, that boy is just a slut for food." so yay! happy ending! although i can't get behind letting your cat out when a) you have JUST moved in, and b) you live a block away form VERY busy streets in two directions. hopefully julian will be smart enough to stick close to home. he really is an awesome cat. this blurry picture is the only one out of 27 pictures i took of him where you can actually see him--he's a blur in all 26 others.

i guess that was kind of a long story for not much, but isn't he cute?


mom said...

It's just hilarious how the kitties always find you!~mom

Flaurella said...

Yet another reason why I love the internet... the answer to every question is there, somewhere, just waiting to be found. :))