Thursday, April 27, 2006

change in the wind

the hippie is officially unemployed. the company he's dearly loved working with gave up the ghost and quietly slid under the water today. it's kind of strange how calm we both are about this. i guess there have been enough murmurings over the last month that we were both prepared for it. plus, there's a lot of dust to settle still, and who knows where it will end up falling. there are investors who are trying to buy up all the IP and spin it off into something new, and if they do--they will want the hippie. there are other irons in the fire at other companies in other industries. there are potential contracting opportunities. there are possibilities all over. and since he's my official domestic partner, i can put him on my insurance and make sure he's covered if anything happens to his health, which is a great peace of mind to us both. and hey--good thing we didn't buy the new house we almost bought--if we had, we would have been closing on it tomorrow, and can you imagine??! holy crap! so we are renting and can do so indefinitely on one salary. i'd say we are in as good of shape as any family who just lost over half it's income could possibly be. i am actually kind of jealous that he has tomorrow off.

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