Thursday, April 13, 2006

keep on dancin'

last night was the last class of the second ballroom dancing class the hippie and i have taken. last classes are great--all we do is review everything, which means LOTS of dancing time. we are going on to the next level, bronze I, as is the rest of our class, which is awesome. we are actually getting to the point where we can actually sort of dance a little bit. our teacher is this a great dancer, super-Southern, sassy, and hilarious. we have gotten to know both her and our classmates pretty well. in fact, we are going to the wedding of one couple in our class in 3 weeks--the hippie's even going to the bachelor party. :) i am SO glad we decided to take these classes--they are fun as all get out, and they are like an oasis in the middle of our week. we go, we escape, we joke around, we get some exercise, and in the end, we come away a teeny bit more graceful than we were before. i don't know that the hippie and i will ever get to the point of wanting to compete or anything, but we sure do plan to keep going! and man, if you have ever thought about doing this, i highly recommend that you get off your butt and get your feet on the floor! it's the bomb.

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