Tuesday, April 11, 2006

meals on wheels

tonight, i shall be the queen of food delivery. i will be acquiring sustenance for my widowed friend, her mother, and her children and delivering it after work, then i will run over to take something to another friend who is recovering from a rather nasty outpatient surgery, and then i will be running to yet another friend's house to feed her fishes and her plants while she's away. when that's done, i will head home to make more food for the hippie and me.

i swear, as a Southern woman, i find great comfort in this kind of thing. it's something that's taught by example from a very young age, and something that other people do not always understand. food is comfort in times of great stress, sickness, or death. a funeral means a mound of fried chicken and potato salad (which i made saturday morning), and maybe a pie if there's time. it soothes me to cook the things my mother and my grandmother and their mothers made. i feel the generations of women standing behind me, and it gives me strength. and taking that strength to other women is the goal at times like these--and even if it only helps a little, at least that's something i can do.

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Anonymous said...

you are awesome! that is how we were raised too, always an open door and anybody who stopped by or needed anything were taken care of. it's good to know that there are people like you out there and i am thankful for you.