Saturday, April 22, 2006

taking a break...

today it's my goal to get every single thing out of the little sunroom porch thing off my kitchen. first i got up, had some cereal and tea and finished a book i knew was going to be a giant distraction all day if i didn't get through it. made coffee. woke up the hippie. made him some breakfast. washed 10M dishes (which took roughly 17 hours). cleaned the kitchen. folded some laundry. set up some temporary shelves in the dining room as a step toward actually organizing my shit. went and got us some lunch (which also seemed to take several hours). ate said lunch. finally got down to business at around 2:30pm. started sorting and moving stuff. i have discovered i have about a 1.5 hour tolerance for it, and then i have to take a break. my first break, i read all my blogs. this is my second, and i choose to write some instead, mostly to bitch about how irritated i am about my day.

1) this task is OVERWHELMING, people! i have NO IDEA how in the hell we have managed to put so much absolute crap into one tiny little room. it's a wonder the cats can even find their food in there.
2) my back hurts, so i keep taking little sit down breaks.

but i am getting there, slowly but surely. once i get this room cleaned out, i still have to clean it, pull 50k random nails and screws out of the wall, do some major putty work, paint it, and figure out how/what i want to put back in there as well as what to do with the rest of it. so yeah--this process sucks more than a little. but when it's done, i will have a place to draw and make things--something i have NEVER had. and that, my friends, will be awesome.


Kristin said...

Cleaning & organizing SUCK! What is wrong with those people who do it professionally? My guess is that they suffer from some sort of OCD and are just savvy enough to make a career out of it. I say this as I sit at my computer amidst mounds of random shit. I can see useless papers, children's toys & books, disorganized office supplies....and to think what is beyond my field of vision is downright frightening. Am I going to do anything about it today (and more than likely tomorrow as well)? Hell no!

denise said...

i TOTALLY agree with kristin, as i sit at my computer amidst the same:)

Flaurella said...

Cleaning is indeed tedious but the satisfaction of the job well done is it's own reward.

Feh! that's what my mother told me a zillion years ago! I didn't believe it then, either. [G]

I applaud your determination.