Thursday, July 13, 2006


ok, so i didn't finish the pumpkin hat, but i DID make a little flower and sew it onto the boring plain little hat. (i promise this is the LAST TIME i am going to show you a picture of this thing!) i do like it much better now--amazing what a little embellishment can do! tonight i will go over to my friend jenn's house and finish the pumpkin hat, and then hopefully get started on the sweater to match it. i would love to do some work on the lace, but i think i need to do that one all alone without trying to carry a conversation. conversing is how i made the nasty mistake in there that i still need to fix. so yeah. still obsessed and knitting like a fiend. i think it's catching or something, because jenn is all fired up to knit this for gabriella. yay for more people knitting!

by the way, the good hair's still in effect--i am not sure what's going on there AT ALL, because it's been a sight to behold lately! but hey--i am going with it. and in other news related to my appearance today, i just have to say that i am wearing the cheapest outfit ever, and i love it! let's hear it for those massive end-of-summer sales they always have like 2 days after the first day of summer!


Meredith said...

I love the little hat. It turned out great.

And I also want to knit the sweater than Jenn is making!

Anonymous said...

hail, hail to cheap outfits! since i'm still too big for my cute summer clothes and don't anticipate losing enough baby weight to be in them before summer ends, i had to go out and "supplement" my wardrobe in the most cost-efficient way possible (i didn't want to spend a lot of money because i don't want to love the new clothes so much that i don't lose the baby weight!) my shopping spree involved sears, on-sale stuff at gap and old navy and of course, target! so, i finally have some outfits to wear that don't involve my gym shorts and t-shirts! hope the great hair is continuing! kimmie

Kristin said...

pretty sad when kimmie's "cheap clothes" store list (sans sears) is where i do a lot of shopping. gap, old navy, target, and NY&Company are my main source of clothing. i DID buy a cute "spur of the moment" and cheap shirt at aeropostal the other day. it called to me as i walked perfectly matched a pair of bermudas i bought a few weeks ago at NY&Company. my daughter, however, mainly owns Roxy & Limited Too (except for the walmart & hand-me-downs she uses for camp & play). OH! I almost forgot...i recently bought some "Tommy Jeans" shirts at Sam's for less than $20. yes, i'm all about the cheap but cute!