Thursday, July 13, 2006


our friends jeff and carrie lost their fabulous and wonderful cat, seuss, today. i honestly think seuss may be the greatest cat who ever lived, bar none. even my own. he was friendly and talkative, a purrful, aggressively affectionate head-butter who was always pleasantly in the way, a silky soft, friendly, impish devil of a meower without whom the world is less bright. i know that sounds dramatic, but i swear, this was just an amazing cat. he used to lean out and butt my head from the top of their refridgerator, and he never failed to make me smile. *sigh* jeff and carrie have lost a good friend, so y'all think some good thoughts their way.


Kristin said...

so sad. losing a pet is one of life's most dreadful things. i'll definitely keep them in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

it's hard to lose a pet; w've all been there and it's tough. good thoughts to jeff and carrie - kimmie

Flaurella said...

My regrets on the loss of the furry family member of your friends. I know exactly how they feel.

We grieve for ourselves because we lost such a wonderful companion who loved us unconditionally. We will forever miss the joy they brought to us but isn't it wonderful that they had such grand and pampered lives? In their honor, we must give another furbaby a loving new home.

So sorry for the loss.