Tuesday, July 18, 2006

in summary: pumpkin. frog. hot.

last thursday, game night, i went over to jenn's house and finished the pumpkin hat. excellent. adam's head will be warm in the fall. i was trying to take pictures of it, but jenn's cat, kidley, kept trying to eat the camera cord. meanwhile, gabriella was showing off her dinosaur tattoos and making me take pictures of them to show to the hippie. she thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread--so cute! but i digress... i also started on the orange sweater i am making to match the pumpkin, but didn't get very far yet. i haven't bothered to take any progress pictures since just a little orange strip at this point. and...that's it. i didn't pick up my needles all weekend. i am a knitting slacker. i did wrap and pack up a bunch of gifts i have needed to mail since before freakin' december this weekend, so that's something at least. anyway, back to last thrusday: as i was leaving jenn's house, she spotted this little tiny tree frog sitting on her porch lamp catching bugs. (don't look, sam!) i thought he was too adorable not to share.

in other news, it's fucking hot here. but i like my outfit today.
that is all.

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Meredith said...

I'll trade you your hot for our really, really hot. It's miserable here. It's been hotter than Phoenix a few times in the last week.