Tuesday, July 11, 2006

tying up loose ends

did i mention that i spent almost all of the 4-day weekend over the 4th cleaning my house? it was GLORIOUS to have that much time to do things i never seem to be able to do. the hippie was out of town, and i turned away every single prospective social engagement to just work on the house. i wish i had had a whole week. my crowning achievement was re-organizing the bookshelves. the hippie and i are book people--we keep outgrowing our book space. so i took all the books we rarely referenceand put them on top of the wall of the library wall in our living room. this means i climbed the library ladder about eleventy-million times. my calves were feeling that, let me tell you... but man, don't these look great!? i even dusted them! and now, there's some room to grow on all the other shelves. not a lot of room, but still...

in other accomplishments, observe my FO's. the cardigan is done, buttons and all, and i LOVE it! the hat, on the other hand, is a thorn in my side. i embroidered little blue flowers on the hat, but alas--they were nearly invisible. AND they made the hat too bulky to boot. so now it's just a plain little hat, and though it bores me to tears, i guess it's OK to give it along with the sweater. i am tempted to rip it out and stripe it or something. hmmm... maybe i'll make another stripey one tonight. meanwhile--the lace for the pillowcases was coming along well until i noticed a MISTAKE in it, about 3 repeats ago. and it's just one teeny twisted stitch of a mistake that no one can even see, but man--it's buggin' the crap out of me! to rip or not to rip... i am trying to talk myself out of it. i'll let you know how that goes.

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Samantha said...

Yay for organizing books! Still love those bookshelves. :-)

Alittle felted airplane sewed onto that hat would be cute :-)