Friday, July 28, 2006

moving right along

last night i actually went to the gym, which did not end well. i really should have eaten something before i went, but of course i wasn't thinking about that as i left work early and raced home like a bat out of hell to try to make a 5:30pm class. however, the result of this oversight was a weird blood-sugar drop half way though the class that left me white as a ghost, sweating profusely, and feeling dizzy and nauseous. bleh. i left. however, the good side of this was that, since i felt like doing nothing but sitting, i made some serious headway on adam's sweater last night--i just watched movies and knitted while the hippie was off at game night. after the bile settled its ass back down and i got cooled off, it was actually quite pleasant. had a cat on my lap and everything. and then today i got another inch or so done knitting through lunch with my friend kerstin. whoo hoo! it's still going to be a bit of a push to get this done by next wednesday, especially as i suddenly remembered last night that i have an enormous wire thing order to fill that i had utterly forgotten (sorry jenn!!!) but you know me--i think i can get it all done anyway. we'll see...

by the way, please pardon the poor picture quality. i am still camera-free, so all i have is my phone. the green in the picture came out WAY blacker than it is in person, but there's not jack i can do about that. i think i will go buy a new camera today, in spite of the fact that it's gonna make me ramen-noodle-poor.

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gray la gran said...

i would love to hear more about your ballroom dancing some time :)
regarding the "bleh" and ill-planned exercised, i did something similar the other day. i went to umstead park at the hottest part of the day. i was too lazy to carry water, and i got overheated. i did not stop sweating, however, which is a very good thing ... but my face, according to my hiking partner, was "splotchy". it freaked him out.
your dancing shoes are mighty pretty! and your camera phone pics. aren't so bad either ;)
take care, stay cool, stay "level".