Wednesday, July 12, 2006

getting ready for fall...

i am knitting like a woman obsessed and have been for the past few days. i think it's a reaction to having had such a busy summer--knitting makes me relax but still feels productive. anyway--last night i was feeling kind of ill and the hippie was off at kung fu, so i put in a movie and got out my knitting. however, it was clear that i wasn't up to the concentration level required by the lace (especially since i made a little mistake and need to back up), so i decided to cast on something a bit more mindless. also, i wanted to make something wool--i know it's summer and all that, but my fingers miss the julia, and i was itching to knit with it again. while i love how the garter stitch cardigan i just finished came out, i can't say that the mission falls cotton was my favorite yarn to work with. but i digress... as of last night, i am making a little pumpkin hat for my friend alyce's toddler, adam--hopefully this will fit him in the fall. (it's the same pattern as the eggplant hat i made a while ago.) the cool thing is that this gift is NOT a surprise--i promised alyce i would hook her baby up with something for the fall. and since it appears that i will finish this little hat tonight, it looks like hooking her up will be no problem at all. if all goes well--i will have time to whip up a sweater to go with this before i head up to boston at the end of the month. :)

oh, i had an epiphany this morning, too. the sam left a comment in my last post suggesting i add a little felted airplane to the plain little cotton hat , which is a great idea except for two things: 1) the hat's cotton, and i have mixed feelings about adding a wool something to it, and 2) an airplane seems too boyish since i am planning to give this to a little bitty girl ASAP. BUT, it got me thinking about other possible embellishments, and i remembered that i have a pattern for a little knitted flower i got from my LYS to go on just such a hat! yay! guess what else i will be knitting tonight?

in other news, i am having a remarkably good hair day.


Flaurella said...

A good hair day is always worth celebrating. :))

When we get a new puppy, he will need a fall sweater and I plan to commission you. Please don't say no when the time comes!

gray la gran said...

i am soooo glad to hear you're having a good hair day, because with all this humility in the air, mine is just a thick & heavy frizzy mess. as you enjoy getting reacquainted with ms. julia, i have been in a tangle with ms.t alpaca lace wt. it's all better now though :)
p.s. i agree about the cotton & wool segregation. i also have very strong opinions about not carrying a felted wool bag in the warmer months. i hear many knitters say, "i'm going to knit a summer felted bag in summer colors!" summer & felted do not belong in the same sentence, nor season. boy, i can certainly tell it's past my bedtime ;)

Adam Dinjian said...

Dear Auntie Jackie - I can't wait to try on that hat! I love it already. Love, Adam