Friday, December 21, 2007

death by email

crate and barrel has just sent me the eleventy-hundredth email i have received from them this holiday season. the first line is, in HUGE red letters, wwith many explanation marks:


are they actually TRYING to kill me?


Anonymous said...

i understand! every store i ordered from online has sent me NUMEROUS emails, reminding me i can still get things here by christmas eve. at this point, i am DONE! so glad you had a good mall adventure. i had a wonderful toysrus adventure yesterday (after our 1 present for caroline got unceremoniously cancelled by amazon). but, it was wonderful and everyone was great. today, i could have killed the entire state of michigan. i had an eye dr. appt where some little snotty receptionist was already pissed off at 11am; she works at a mall pearlevision for gods sake - the day's only getting better if you're mad at the world at 11am! so, she set me off. then, everyone was bitchy, roads were shut down b/c of utility work (the road on which the mall is - good planning, MI ConEd). so, i was pretty f-ing postal today. and, my darling husband, while a wonderful help, seems to tune me out after 5 words. while i normally don't mind repeating what i say 3 times, this week, i don't have the time to blink twice, no less tell him 15 times what the gift tag should say - and, i'm hormonal, in the opposite way of you! and, caroline thought it was a game to jump on me WHILE i'm feeding the babies, so i'm trying to shield their heads so we don't end up in the ER with skull fractures. she thinks discipline is soooo funny. all told, makes for a good friday reciepe. but, christmas is a-coming and i can't wait! kimmie

Anne Kenealy Lindenfeld said...

No, they don't want to kill you...yet. First, they want to get as much of your money as possible, preferably on your credit card so even after you perish, they can negotiate for pennies on the dollar to get a payout from your estate.

Not to be too morose about the whole thing....;)

Hang in there. Didn't you get the memo? Pregnant ladies get a special dispensation to take to their beds with the vapors and let others do the shopping. So, channel that Scarlet in you and put your feet up.

And furthermore, what a happy surprise it would be to get a present in February....okay June.

Kristin said...

since you haven't posted since the 21st and today is the 24th are we to assume that crate and barrel succeeded in killing you? :0) Merry Christmas! <3 K