Thursday, December 06, 2007

getting back to human

i am finally starting to feel better, although now i have these amazing 20-minute coughing runs that just seem never to end about 5 times a day. i sound like a frog, and i'm sniffly, and this is such a vast improvement over how i was feeling a few days ago that i feel like dancing. the bad news is that all this time on the couch has resulted in little knitting--you would think i would have done more, but alas, i was not up to it. my focus has been for shit, and i have been trying to use what brain power i've got to keep up with work. that said, i could get used to working from the couch. i get way more done from home than i do at work--i wonder why that is... less distraction maybe. also, maybe as sense of guilt for being comfy on the couch instead of sitting in the flourescent world of corporate america? anyway, i'm rambling.

in other and better and more interesting news, i felt The Parasite moving for the first time night before last, and again last night. looks like he's on his way to being nocturnal like his father. i can't wait for the land shark phase when the hippie will be able to feel it too. :)


Em said...

Those little baby flutters are one of life's very sweetest moments. So, so happy for you, my friend!

Kristin said...

today is bailey's b-day....your flutters put a smile on my face as i thought how much things had changed since those first flutters. cherish those tiny movements...they are something special between you and the boy and it'll be even more special when you share with Hippie. :0)

Anonymous said...

can't wait til you and the hippie see your stomach ripple with the baby's movements - scott could not get over the level of activity that our three had when they were still swimming inside! kimmie