Monday, December 03, 2007

this just in: being sick blows

and here's the thing--it's even worse when you are pregnant. i'm sick. the hippie has given me the plague he had last week, and it's dig in for the long haul, it appears. i had all these plans for the weekend--fun things like getting a christmas tree and re-organizing all of the books--and yet, no. i spent the weekend not breathing, napping, drinking tea, and apparently overdosing on sudafed. don't owrry--sudafed is on my very short list of crap i can take if i am all congested. however, who know that a dose was one tiny little insignificant pill. further, let me point out that at least two are required for the medication to have any effect. iam thinking maybe one pill is enough for a 100-pound girl, but not for yours truly. that shit just doesn't work. but anyway. now i am taking--oh--nothing. i am sitting on the couch, wishing for enough energy to knit or something, and dyikng to be able to breathe. BLAH. i am whiney and annoyed and useless. lucky for me, my immune system is down a bit from being pregnant, so it should take me longer to get over this nasty cold. maybe tomorrow i will get past the point of being able to feel my heartbeat in my sinuses at least. y'all, this sucks. and it's making me miss scout even worse--she always sat with me when i was sick. blah blah blah. i am going to shut up as i am disgusting myself with the whining.


Kristin said...

not sure if any of those products like airborne or zycam are on your "short list" as they were not around when i was prego.....but i find they help. being around so many germy kids each day leads to a few colds per year and those homeopathic things seem to do wonders. feel better! :0)
btw....will be in chapel hill for the weekend....bringing Daughter and 2 of her friend's to town for the big 12th birthday. going to a science museum in durham on sat. & then to southpoint.

sgeddes said...

Take it easy and I hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

being sick while you are pregnant blows! i know b/c i spent all of last december sick and couldn't take a thing because i was newly pregnant and my conservative doctor doesn't like his patients to take any meds in the early weeks. so, a cold that could have ended in a few days lasted for ONE MONTH! (can you tell i'm still bitter). jack, i can sympathize with you this week - we all came back sick after the holiday, i spent all last monday and 1/2 of tuesday in bed with someone else watching my 3 babies. got well enough to get a few things done and sick again, just in time for my husband's snip-snip procedure. so, i was sick and taking care of 3 babies and 1 very big guy. to top it all off, i pulled a back muscle on saturday, so by sunday i had trouble carrying the babies, and this week has just sucked. my husband is traveling ALL of it, i could barely move today, and can only barely pick up the babies, and to top it all off, i had one of those "you don't help me enough - no, you don't help me enough" arguments with my beloved husband. so, all round, life is GREATTT! anyhow, pardon my venting, but i hope you feel better soon - being sick when you're pregnant sucks. (however, the sad reality is that being sick after your babies are delivered sucks even MORE - nobody has sick days for moms.). take care, drink lots of tea and juice and feel better. hope you and kristin get together this weekend! kimmie