Friday, December 07, 2007

giant red cat brush

new couch and rug

we've got a new sofa--it came in the day before thanksgiving, and it's beautiful, and i love it, and it looks fabulous with our new rug. but there's a wee little problem. the fabric is brushed canvas--we picked a canvas because we thought it would hold up better to the cat claws that live with us--and it's doing that beautifully. however, the word "brushed" apparently has some unforseen consequences. brushed canvas has a bit of a knap to it. which means that when the kitties come and lay upon the new divan (read: always), the fabric is brushing their fur and clinging to it like freakin' fly paper. i've been vacuuming the thing twice a week. looks fantastic for about--oh--three minutes or so, until the cats are all--"hey, thanks for cleaning up the new couch for us--that was really getting nasty there. you, with the thumbs, come over here and pet us. and maybe a treat?" little bastards are getting fur all over my new couch. i guess nothing's perfect. that said--the new sofa has passed the sick test--i've been on it pretty much all week and my verdict is Damned Comfy.


Kristin said...

ADORE the new couch!!! We opted for leather when we got a new one...saleslady convinced us it was best for messy kids and pets (that don't claw things). Not my favorite material - as it can be quite cold - BUT it's a sectional and SO fantastic for all of us to lounge on. :0)

Passed Apex on the way to Chapel Hill tonight & thought of you!!!!!! Bailey wanted to braid Jason's hair and see your belly.

Anonymous said...

yes! yes! belly pictures soon, please:) love you~"mom"xxxooo